Walk – Windsor 14 August 2019

The weather did not look good for the walk but Dave and I decided that the forecast was looking promising so we went ahead.  Only two other brave (foolhardy) souls joined us – Stuart and Paul.  We set off along the river and found large numbers of swans along the bank – ideal for the wildlife competition…

About halfway along we heard this voice calling out and when we looked round we realised it was Richard.  He had been sitting in the wrong car park waiting for someone to turn up!  Fortunately he made a couple of calls home to be told that the instructions were very clear in the email and that he was in the wrong place.  Dave and I are convinced it must be too much cake affecting his brain!

We made it along the bank to Eton Bridge and were just setting up for long exposure shots when the rain started again.  After a couple of minutes we collectively decided to call a halt and head for the pub.  Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us this week.

Stuart Davison

Dave Mundy

Steve Mundy