Mirrorless Cameras

There is a lot excitement and hype about mirrorless cameras at the moment with the recent launch of both Canon and Nikon full frame cameras.  Here we will explore some of the main differences, benefits and disadvantages.  The slides are below – just click on the first one to bring it up full screen then scroll through.

The comparison images of Olympus vs Sony were just images captured on the night and are not a scientific comparison but a one-off real world comparison at night for my interest.  If you look closely the Sony is very marginally sharper, but it is not significantly different as the marketing hype would have us believe…  As I say…there is not a bad camera made today and any differences are more likely to be down to technique rather than the equipment.

2 thoughts on “Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Regrettably I could not make last week. Thanks for posting the content of this part of the evening. Best advice given… learn to make better use of the camera I have got. Thank you!

  2. I switched from Canon L lenses to Fuji XT cameras for many reasons one of which I was advised not to go further up a road in Cape Town with my big Canon camera and lens. I have had the original full frame 5D but found the focussing was not fast enough for the photos I was taking at that time – ballet photos in the theatre. I also have the Sony RX100 as a compact camera.
    I originally had 2 Fuji bodies – the X T1 and X T2. Then I part exchanged the X T1 for the X T3.
    There is a learning curve in the change. I think it is important to understand your camera and work within its strength and weeknesses. The X T3 is better than the previous versions – faster focus for moving objects and also, I understand, if one takes movies. Also, the newer Fuji lenses are excellent. However, otherwise there seems to be little difference between the XT2 and the X T3. Fuji also have very good online support groups.

    Hope this helps.